Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Mother Nature .....is truly amazing.

Having just recently moved to a balcony flat, l am still exploring and discovering new unseen bits of my new neighbourhood. Even though l am no stranger to this area, l am looking with new eyes.

From the many different colours of leaves on trees & hedges, to the huge variety of birds, that flit by. And the scents and smells of the rainbow flowers, wild & tamed. Mock orange & honeysuckle are so very fragrant this time of year ( June)....I love it.

The local park in which l now walk my trustee pooch every day- 2-3 times a day has become my new wildlife television. No 2 days are the same, infact no 2 walks are the same despite the same route taken every day.

6.30am on a Sunday is so different and tranquil to weekday mornings. And with every season l look forward to the ever changing scenery and colours.

So glad l moved, as l can honestly say l am at one with Mother Nature.