Saturday, 17 February 2018


Staying in bed is better than getting up, its warm and cosy and safe.  Even if you've had to much sleep and have that foggy head.

Because getting up you have to face silence, no morning greetings, no morning snuggles. Playing scenarios in your head because the reality will cause arguments and upset. Because scenarios in your head aren't real, they aren't possible conversations of reality. They are what ifs, and maybes'. They're not reality.

Scenarios in your head break your heart, silent solutions to the situations you see in reality. Silent chats because in reality those chats don't happen. Staying silent to avoid reality, and regrets.

Scenarios one way conversations, living alone one way conversations, scenarios one way reality.

Saturday, 14 January 2017


(Based on T'was the night before Christmas)

T'was the morning of Christmas
Where all through the house
Not even a sound , of even a mouse.
And out in the park
I was up with the lark
Me and the dog were out in the dark.

T'was the morning of Christmas
And back in the flat
All the cats were sat on the mat.
No children are happy and joyfully glee
For l now live alone, just the animals and me.

The turkey is stuffed
And the veg. is roasted
The cards are all written and already posted.
The tree's crammed with tinsel that's sparkling & glistening
The Queens on the telly
But i'm not really listening.
With presents galore and families merry
I think i'll stay home for a nice glass of sherry.

T'was the night now of Christmas
Where back in the house
The sound is much louder and everyones rounder.
All of the excited girls and good boys
Have had, and played with lots of toys
We've eaten chocolates and all the mince pies
Its time now for bed
And to close our eyes.

Original written 25th Dec. 2016.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Mother Nature truly amazing.

Having just recently moved to a balcony flat, l am still exploring and discovering new unseen bits of my new neighbourhood. Even though l am no stranger to this area, l am looking with new eyes.

From the many different colours of leaves on trees & hedges, to the huge variety of birds, that flit by. And the scents and smells of the rainbow flowers, wild & tamed. Mock orange & honeysuckle are so very fragrant this time of year ( June)....I love it.

The local park in which l now walk my trustee pooch every day- 2-3 times a day has become my new wildlife television. No 2 days are the same, infact no 2 walks are the same despite the same route taken every day.

6.30am on a Sunday is so different and tranquil to weekday mornings. And with every season l look forward to the ever changing scenery and colours.

So glad l moved, as l can honestly say l am at one with Mother Nature.